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downpipe 75 round clip

Downpipe 75 Round Bracket & Clip

Use this Round Bracket and Clip to attach our Round Downpipe to the wall of a building.

Available in a range of colours
Suitable for use with our Round Downpipe
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unicote steel

Why Unicote?

UniCote® uses a hot-dipped aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel substrate. The outer layer is a polyester topcoat, using the latest infrared reflective pigments, baked on to a polyester primer. The result is an extremely durable paint system built to resist UV damage from Australia’s harsh sun.

Scratch & Impact Resistant
Tested to AS/NZ 2728
Heat & Humidity Resistant
22 Colour Range
UV Resistant
Salt Spray Resistant
No Loss of Adhesion or Cracking
Warranty of up to 30 years

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